• Daily-Weekly-Monthly Pool/Spa Maintenance
  • Opening/Closing Seasonal Procedures
  • Health Inspection Compliance Consultations
  • Chemical Application
  • Equipment Operation
  • Pool and Deck Cleaning


  • Grounds Cleanup/Trash Disposal/Leaf Blowing
  • Elevator Cab Cleaning with Light replacement
  • Lamp cleanout and bulb replacement
  • Stairwell, deck and landing cleanup
  • Dog pot waste removal
  • Building and ground inspection



JANITORIAL: Commercial & Residential

  • Residential home cleaning including linens
  • Window washing & cleaning
  • Fitness and Locker Room facilities
  • Clubhouses and Country Club facilities
  • New Construction Detail Cleaning
  • Retail Store and Restaurant Cleaning


Plant Care:

  • Watering—indoor and outdoor

Pet care: Includes walking, feeding, etc. Pet sitting considered on a case by case basis. 


Arrival and/or general services:

  • Personal errands
  • Setting climate control before arrival
  • Turn on water and/or hot water heater
  • Turn on lights prior to late arrival
  • Stocking groceries prior to owner arrival
  • Removal of household items not allowed in compactor


Concierge Services-Continued


General condition check:

  • Storm check
  • Broken windows
  • Water damage
  • Secured doors and windows
  • Thermostat temp check
  • Fireplace pilot check as needed
  • Safety and security check
  • Turn water off prior to predicted freezes

Snow removal/shoveling:

  • For non-common areas not done by snow plow, i.e.
  • Sidewalks, steps, entry-ways
  • Landings
  • Stairs
  • Decks
  • Spreading of "Ice-melt” product